General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Outside, Harmony and Don follow a set of footprints in the snow as they lead to a clearing with a single, large rock in the center. As they approach, they hear the sound of someone crying.]]

[[As Don watches, Harmony bends down and touches the thin air above the rock. As she does, Harry materializes in front of her, the cloaking device deactivating. Tears stream down Harry's face.]]
Harmony: Harry...?

[[Harry's tears begin to dry as his eyes blaze with anger.]]
Harry: "Serious Nick" is... my godfather. He was their FRIEND, and he BETRAYED them! I hope he DOES find me...

Harry: [Growing louder and angrier] ... because if he does, I'm going to KILL him!
[[Don leans closer to Harmony, putting up a hand as he whispers.]]
Don: [Whispering] I didn't even know his family was Catholic...
[[Harmony shoots Don an icy glare.]]

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