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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Our scene shifts to Dwayne's classroom, where a large, ominous trunk sits before Dwayne Duncan and Harry. As Harry watches, Dwayne approaches the trunk.]]
Dwayne: Dumpingcore has agreed to let me tutor you in some advanced hacks to help you defend yourself against the debuggers.

[[Dwayne places his hands on the trunk as he continues.]]
Dwayne: Inside this box is a bogon that I've hacked to look and act like a debugger. I'm going to teach you the Oculus hack, a powerful bit of code that depends on virtual reality.

[[Dwayne walks back toward Harry, raising a finger as he explains further.]]
Dwayne: The Oculus projects a VR construct to act as a shield or, in its most powerful form, a distraction to scare attackers or give you time for escape. It is difficult to master.

[[Dwayne steps behind Harry, placing his hands on Harry's shoulders and speaking into the boy's ear.]]
Dwayne: It requires a great deal of concentration. I want you to think of a great accomplishment, something that gives you confidence in yourself. You'll need that to combat the debuggers.
[[Harry grows determined, steeling himself for the lesson.]]

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