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[[Continuing his practice session with Dwayne, Harry lifts his keyboard as Dwayne opens the trunk, revealing the bogon disguised as a debugger. (Unlike a real debugger, the bogon is semi-transparent and sports a halo around its edges, like all other virtual reality "creatures".) As Harry initiates the Oculus hack, a bight light beams from his keyboard, driving the bogon/debugger backward.]]
Dwayne: [Excitedly] Excellent work, Harry! Keep it up!

[[With the bogon/debugger contained once more in the trunk, Harry collapses from exertion. Dwayne beams as he closes the trunk lid.]]
Dwayne: That was MUCH better than last time. Out of curiosity, what memory are you using?
Harry: [Tired and unsure of himself] Well, self-confidence isn't exactly my strong suit...

Harry: I tried thinking about Quakish, but instead I started thinking about my parents. I wondered if they would be proud of me...
Dwayne: [Smiling with a twinge of sadness] I can promise you they would be.

[[Dwayne places a fatherly hand on Harry's shoulder as he steers the boy toward the exit. Dwayne seems almost as drained as Harry does.]]
Dwayne: You've come a long way, Harry. We'll practice more after the holidays. For now... I need to rest.

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