General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Night has fallen. As Don snores loudly in his bed in the foreground, Harry snacks on a bowl of popcorn, perusing the Hooligan's Hash.]]

[[As he lifts a handful of popcorn to his mouth, Harry stops suddenly. Something on the tablet screen has caught his attention.]]
Harry: [Thinking] What the...

[[We peer over Harry's shoulder to see that the tablet displays a portion of a map of the castle. While there are several small, illegible call-outs visible, a small moving dot sports a much larger one that reads "Petey Petagrue".]]
Harry: [Thinking off-panel] That's... impossible...

[[Harry clambers out of bed, tablet in hand. He looks suspicious.]]
Harry: [Thinking] What's a dead guy doing roaming the castle in the middle of the night...?

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