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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Dwayne leads Harry to his classroom and shuts the door behind them.]]
Harry: [Relieved] Thanks, Professor. I thought I was in serious--
Dwayne: [Interrupting sternly] Harry, where did you get this device?

Harry: [Somewhat taken aback] What? Uh, I...
Dwayne: [Raising his voice] WHERE DID YOU GET THIS DEVICE?
Harry: [Meekly] I-I d-don't know...

Dwayne: [Pointing to the Hooligan's Hash in his hand] Harry, this device is incredibly dangerous. Don't you realize that in the hands of "Serious Nick" this would have led him straight to you?

[[As Harry watches forlornly, Dwayne opens a desk drawer and places the Hooligan's Hash inside it.]]
Dwayne: I'll be keeping this, for your own protection. You need to be more careful, Harry. Risking your life is a poor way to repay your parents for their sacrifice...

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