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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Dwayne begins ushering Harry toward the door.]]
Dwayne: Now off to bed with you...
Harry: Professor... I... think the Hooligan's Hash is defective.

[[To Harry's surprise, Dwayne sports a unbelieving smirk.]]
Dwayne: And what makes you say THAT?
Harry: Well, I saw someone... someone I know is supposed to be DEAD...

Dwayne: And who would that be?
Harry: Petey Petagrue.
Dwayne: [Growing concerned] That's... not possible...
Harry: I KNOW... but he was there, I swear...

[[Dwayne ushers Harry out the door and begins closing it behind him.]]
Dwayne: You let me look into that, Harry. Go get some sleep, and forget you ever saw this tablet.
[[Harry's face falls with disappointment.]]

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