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[[Harmony runs out of the castle, followed a short distance behind by Harry and Don.]]
Don: [Mildly confused] Where are we off to?
Harmony: [Determined] Dexter's hut. Luser Mouse has pulled strings with the Ministry and they're going to delete Buckybits tonight! We have to do something!

[[Our view closes in on Harry and Harmony as she continues.]]
Harmony: They'll chop the head off his avatar before digitally shredding his files!
Harry: [With a mischievous smile] One might think beheading him is something he might enjoy...
[[Annoyed, Harmony punches Harry in the shoulder.]]
Harry: Ow!

[[Harmony and Harry stop when they realize Don is no longer following them. He is crouching down next to a rock, looking at something apparently hiding beneath it.]]
Harmony: Don, c'mon! Hurry!
Don: [Confused] Hey, it's Scribbles! What's my mouse doing out here...?

[[To everyone's surprise, the small peripheral begins moving under its own power, scurrying like a live rodent across the grass. It's ball makes a distinctive squeaking sound as it rolls along.]]
Don: What the... my mouse just scurried off on its own! Scribbles, come back!

References: Buckybits and his "crime"; Luser Mouso; Scribbles the Mouse: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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