General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Don catches up with the fleeing Scribbles the mouse, diving forward to tackle the peripheral in his arms. Some distance behind, Harry and Harmony do their best to catch up.]]
Harry: Don! Wait up!
[[Behind them, a large, shadowy figure emerges from behind a bush.]]

[[Our view switches to the opposite direction. In the background, Don rolls onto his back and begins to sit up, cradling Scribbles. He spies something behind his friends and points past them in horror.]]
Don: Harry! Harmony! It's the Grue!
[[Harry and Harmony turn to see a large black shape loom over them, startling them.]]

[[The Grue plows past Harry and Harmony, knocking them to the ground on either side. It proceeds to snatch Don by his left leg, dragging the boy behind it. Don clutches Scribbles tightly as the Grue drags the pair of them into a dark tunnel hidden beneath a large tree.]]

[[Harry and Harmony exchange baffled glances. Finally, Harmony breaks the silence.]]
Harmony: [Hopeless] NOW what do we do?
Harry: [Determined] The only thing we CAN do: go after them!

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