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[[Harry and Harmony open a trap door in what appears to be the floor of a dilapidated old building. Litter is strewn everywhere, and almost every visible surface is plastered with posters and sales fliers. The room is dark and cloaked in shadows.]]
Harry: [Whispering] Where are we?
Harmony: [Whispering] I think it's the Spamming Shack near Hexadecimal, the most spam-riddled place in the country.

[[The two climb out of the trap door and begin looking around.]]
Harmony: [Whispering] Where could they be?
Harry: [Looking down at the floor, whispering] We follow the trail in the dust.

[[They reach the top of the stairs to find an open door. Inside, Don sits on a stained, rumpled old mattress, cradling his mouse Scribbles in one hand. His left pants leg is obviously torn and his leg appears to be injured.]]
Harry: [Whispering to Harmony] There he is!
Don: [Spotting Harry and Harmony, he shouts in warning] Run! It's a trap! The Grue's just a VR shell!

[[As Harry and Harmony enter the room, the door shuts behind them. They turn to find "Serious" Nick has cut them off, his face sporting a menacing, diabolical grin.]]
Don: [Off-panel] It's Serious Nick!

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