General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Dwayne and Nick have just revealed that Petey Petagrue is still alive. Harry, Harmony, and Don stare at them in disbelief. Don still cradles his mouse in his hand.]]
Harry: But Petagrue is dead!
Nick: [Pointing accusingly in Don's direction] No, he's right there!
Don: [Shocked] Me? Are you mental?
Nick: Not you! The mouse!

Don: But Scribbles has been with my family for--
Nick: Twelve years? A rather long life span for a cheap peripheral. I'll be it's missing a pin on its plug...

Harry: [Realization dawning] All they could find of Petagrue was his...
Nick: Finger! The coward cut it off to make everyone think he was dead! Then he used my VR to disguise himself as a mouse!

[[Dwayne lifts his trackball as the mouse "leaps" from Don's open hand. As everyone watches, the mouse transforms into a small, round, mousy little man with beady eyes, bushy hair and eyebrows, and large buck teeth. He squats in the floor in a rodent-like position. He is obviously missing the pinky finger from his left hand.]]

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