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[[The collected group leave the Spamming Shack and make their way out of the tunnel and back onto Hollerith's grounds. Dwayne Duncan leads Petey Petagrue, his trackball raised in a threatening manner to keep the little man in line. Harmony supports Don as the latter limps his way out of the tunnel, barely able to put weight on his injured leg. Meanwhile, Nick steps to the side and looks upward toward the open sky. Harry tentatively approaches him.]]
Harry: When Petagrue confesses, you'll be a free man, right?
Nick: Yes... finally... thanks to you, Harry...

[[We close in on Harry and Nick. Nick's expression turns hesitant.]]
Nick: I don't know if you knew this, but I'm your godfather. Once everything's settled, if you'd rather stay with me rather than your aunt and uncle...
Harry: [Smiling sadly] I'd love that.

Harry: [Tentatively] I... have to ask... why do they call you "Serious"?
Nick: [His expression going blank] Oh, THAT. Just an old nickname I picked up a long time ago. Trust me, it's better than "Deadpan".

Harry: [Confused] I don't understand...
Nick: [Placing a fatherly hand on Harry's shoulder, his expression still blank] I may have missed my calling. With a face this stoic, I could have been a great comedian.

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