General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Overhead, the clouds part, revealing a bright, full moon. As it does, Dwayne appears to enter a trance, dropping his trackball. Petey Petagrue, Don, and Harmony all watch, the latter two with concern but the former with knowing malice.]]
Harmony: Prof. Duncan? Are you alright?

[[Nick rushes forward, wrapping his arms around his friend in a mixture of a reassuring hug and a restraining grasp. Dwayne continues to stare blankly in his trance.]]
Nick: Dwayne! You didn't forget to run your protection scripts tonight, did you?
[[Meanwhile, Petagrue seizes the opportunity to grab Dwayne's dropped trackball, taking on a mischievous grin.]]

[[Dwayne suddenly convulses and transforms, his normal form momentarily transposed with a large, muscular, wolf-like creature. The transformation hurls Nick backward. In the background, Petagrue holds up Dwayne's trackball, which begins to glow.]]

[[Dwayne has fully transformed into a werewolf-like creature with glowing eyes and a vicious snarl. He towers over Nick, who places himself between the monster and the frightened Harry, Don, and Harmony. Below on the ground, overshadowed by the menacing creature, Petagrue scurries away in his "Scribbles the mouse" form, unnoticed by the others.]]

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