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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Now transformed into his werewolf-like "Beowulf" form, Dwayne snarls menacingly, fangs bared, towering over the others. Standing with his back to us and between the Beowulf and the children, Nick transforms, assuming the form of the Grue.]]

[[The Beowulf and Grue clash, trading blows. The Beowulf strikes the Grue solidly, knocking it backward off its feet.]]

[[As the injured Grue struggles to get back up, the Beowulf turns to Harry, Don, and Harmony, its eyes glowing and fangs bared. Harmony and Don cling to each other in terror, while Harry draws closer to his friends.]]

[[Suddenly, a wolf-like howl pierces the night. Both the Beowulf and children turn in its general direction, puzzled as to its source.]]

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