General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[As the wolf-like howl continues, Dwayne's "Beowulf" form is inexorably drawn toward it. He bounds through the grass and over a ridge, disappearing into the moonlit night. Meanwhile, Harry watches as the form of "Serious" Nick rises from the nearby grass, weakly stumbling in the opposite direction.]]

[[Harry bounds down the hill, pursuing Nick. On the ridge above him, Harmony continues to hold up the injured Don as she calls after Harry.]]
Harmony: Harry, wait! Come back!

[[Harry runs through the woods, his breath becoming visible as the air turns cold. He catches up to Nick, who has collapsed on all fours at the edge of a small pond. A large rock overhangs the pond at the far end. Far in the distance, two black shapes move among the trees and an eerie voice begins to carry on the breeze.]]
Voice: Where are you going? We want to talk with you...

[[Harry reaches Nick just as the shadowy figures emerge from the forest. They both look up to see that they are now surrounded by a swarm of debuggers, who spiral in as their taunts fill the air.]]
Debugger 1: It's ++count, not count++...
Debugger 2: You never comment your code...
Debugger 3: Um, actually...

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