General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[The debuggers continue to swarm around Harry and "Serious" Nick. With nowhere to run, the pair are trapped as the creatures close in, continuing their taunts.]]
Debugger 1: I before E, except after C...
Debugger 2: Pluto's not a REAL planet...
Debugger 3: That's an assignment, not a comparison...

[[Two debuggers swoop in, one attacking each of the humans. Their mouths open, revealing pointed fangs. They begin to drain Harry and Nick as if sucking the very life out of them.]]
Debugger 1: You didn't validate the user's input...
Debugger 2: It's "Trekker", not "Trekkie"...

[[Suddenly, there is a blinding light from the other side of the pond. A barely visible figure holds up an object from which the light emanates. Harry squints, trying to see, as the debuggers begin to be driven away by the light.]]

[[The light subsides. As the debuggers flee and the mysterious figure stands on the opposing shore, Harry collapses, falling to the ground next to the already unconscious Nick.]]

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