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[[The scene shifts suddenly. Harry awakens with a start in a bed in the Hollerith's hospital wing. As he attempts to sit up, Harmony eases him back down. She hands him his glasses.]]
Harry: [Shouting] NICK!
Harmony: He's locked in the dungeon. They're going to let the debuggers execute him at dawn.

[[Our view switches to the opposite direction, over Harry and Harmony's shoulders. Don lies miserably in a bed opposite from Harry, his left leg in a cast. Tim Dumpingcore stands next to Don's bed.]]
Harry: Prof. Dumpingcore! "Serious" Nick is innocent!
Dumpingcore: I'm afraid this is out of my hands, Harry... but perhaps not Miss Stranger's.

[[Tim approaches Harmony and raises a finger of warning as he commands her sternly.]]
Dumpingcore: You know the rules. You mustn't be seen. And if you act quickly, more than one innocent life may be spared tonight.

[[Tim turns to leave, but looks back over his shoulder at Harmony and Harry, raising three fingers as if counting.]]
Dumpingcore: [Less sternly] Oh, and I'd say about three scroll backs ought to do it.
[[Harry seems confused, but a look of understanding and determination crosses Harmony's face.]]

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