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[[Still in the Hollerith's hospital wing, Harry gets out of his bed while Harmony reaches into her sweatshirt to pull out something underneath it. She looks back at the miserable Don, who lies in a bed behind them with his left leg up in a cast.]]
Harmony: Sorry, Don, but you're in no condition to help anymore...

[[Harmony pulls out a small glowing orb and holds it in her hand. As she does so, the world around her and Harry begins to blur as if swirling around them. We see Don in his bed looking shocked, then a nurse watching over him. On the wall above Don, a large clock begins to spin backwards, showing progressively earlier times. 10:00, 9:30, 9:10, 8:20, 7:00... Eventually, Don's bed is empty as a different nurse adjusts the covers. Harry looks at the scene in bewilderment.]]
Harmony: It's a GOTO function. McDongle let me borrow it at the start of term. This is how I've been doubling up on classes all year.
Harry: So... we're traveling back in time?

[[The swirling movement stops and the room returns to normal. The darkened room is now lighter as if the sun has risen. Harmony turns and begins running to the door, leaving Harry to have to catch up.]]
Harmony: Yes, about three hours. And if we hurry, we might be able to save Buckybits as well as Nick!

References: Nick (as the Grue) accidentally injuries Don's leg; Harmony's strange appearances and schedule: (1) (2) (3); GOTO functions
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