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[[Harry and Harmony have made their way behind Dexter's hut, hiding behind a pair of massive pumpkins. On the other side of the pumpkins, Buckybits sits half asleep with a massive metal collar and metal chain around his neck. In the background, Dexter prepares to greet Coreleak Fud, Tim Dumpingcore, and a hooded executioner wielding a large double-bladed ax.]]
Harry: [Whispering] There's Buckybits. But how do we free him without being seen?

[[We close in on Harry and Harmony behind their hiding place. Both eye the scene with intense concentration.]]
Harmony: [Whispering] If I didn't know any better, I'd say Dumpingcore is trying to give us a distraction.
Harry: [Whispering] I think he is! But how do we...?

[[Spurred by an idea, Harmony grabs Harry's jacket and reaches inside it, taking Harry off-guard.]]

[[Harmony rises up just enough for Buckybits to see her, waving the item she pulled from Harry's jacket. It's the Hooligan's Hash.]]
Harmony: [Whispering] Buckybits! Come get the juicy tablet!
[[Buckybits perks up, enticed by the tablet. The chain confining him snaps.]]

References: Buckybits condemned; The Hooligan's Hash; Buckybits and technology: (1) (2)
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