General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[Harry and Harmony reach the edge of the pond, near a large rocky outcrop. Across the small body of water, the "past" version of Harry and "Serious" Nick look around in horror as dark shapes begin to swarm around them in the night forest.]]
Harry: [Whispering] There we are!

[[Our viewing angle switches to the opposite view. With the rocky outcrop in the foreground, Harry points at it triumphantly, a smile broadening across his face.]]
Harry: He'll be here any second! Right there, on the rock in front of us!
Harmony: [Placing her hand on Harry's arm, sadly] Harry, your dad is dead. No one's coming...

[[The angle switches again. We watch over "current" Harry and Harmony's shoulders, across the rock and the pond, as the debuggers commence their attack, draining the very life force out of "past" Harry and Nick. The two victims collapse, unable to defend themselves.]]
Harmony: [In horror] My God... they're killing you...

[[We focus once more on the "current" Harry and Harmony. Harmony puts her hands across her mouth in horror as tears begin to well up in her eyes. By contrast, Harry grits his teeth, torn between the hope of seeing his father rescue his past self and the dawning realization that Harmony is correct, that his father will never come....]]

References: The debugger attack at the pond: (1) (2); Harry expects his father to rescue him
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