General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[It is some time later, but still night. Harry and Harmony stand next to one of the castle's stone brick walls, facing "Serious" Nick and Buckybits.]]
Nick: [To the kids] I don't know how you two did it, but thank you for freeing me from the dungeon... and for saving my life.

[[Nick places a hand on Harmony's shoulder.]]
Nick: I've heard it said that you're the brightest hacker of your age, and now I believe it.
[[Harmony smiles meekly.]]

Harry: [Sadly, to Nick] Where will you go?
Nick: [Raising a finger while cocking an eyebrow] Oh, I still have a few hiding places no one knows about. And I'm very good at covering my tracks.

[[Nick kneels, placing a hand on each of Harry's shoulders.]]
Nick: [Sadly] And my offer is still open. I would love for you to stay with me... provided it's not a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere, of course...

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