General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Prisoner of Angband

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[[A narration box reads: "The next day..." Harry stands in the doorway of Dwayne Duncan's office as Dwayne appears to be packing a large trunk.]]
Harry: [Surprised] They sacked you?
Dwayne: [Annoyed] Someone, likely with the surname Sysape, let slip that a Beowulf was teaching at the school.

Harry: [Angrily] That's not fair!
Dwayne: [Defeated] It's for the best, Harry. The students will be much safer without me rampaging about the woods every month.

[[Dwayne bends down and places a hand on each of Harry's shoulders. While Harry is still frustrated, Dwayne smiles.]]
Dwayne: But at least you saved Nick and I from making a terrible mistake, and you helped clear his name... at least among those who are important. We owe that to you.

[[Dwayne reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a familiar tablet, offering it to Harry.]]
Dwayne: [With a mischievous smile] And seeing as I'm not your teacher anymore, I have no reservations of returning THIS. Use it wisely.
Harry: [Excitedly] The Hooligan's Hash! Thanks, Professor!

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