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[[As Sharon's dream ends, our scene shifts back to the room aboard the Grey ship. Sharon yawns and stretches in her chair, calling the attention of Ki, who is still seated next to her. Ki appears to be reading one of the tablets Sharon was reviewing at the beginning of the story.]]
Sharon: It's about time one of those dreams finished with a happy ending...
Ki: [Cocking an eyebrow] Morning, sleepy head. What dream?

Sharon: [Perplexed] Ever since Scott branded me as the Brotherhood's "Virgin Mary", I... get these occasional dreams that mix up that with "Harry Potter" somehow.

Ki: [Mildly surprised] Have I shown up in one of these dreams?
Sharon: No, but Nick and Dwayne just did. It must have been because I was thinking about Dwayne earlier.

Ki: I'd have mixed feelings if you cast me as McGonagall...
Sharon: [Sheepishly] My subconscious picked Patty for her. Tonks is still available, I think, but that might raise other complications...

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