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[[Sharon and Ki are still sitting in the Grey ship work room and appear to be finishing up a discussion of Sharon's "Harry Barker" dream. Ki sits with her arms folded across her chest while Sharon gestures as she talks.]]
Ki: So wizards become hackers, wands become keyboards...
Sharon: And important people in my life get cast as the main characters. Nick made a respectable Sirius Black.

[[Ki rests her chin on her fist, while Sharon cradles her forehead with her palm, looking worn.]]
Ki: Most of my dreams don't make any sense, even on the rare occasions that I remember them. You dream in elaborate fan fiction.
Sharon: Trust me, I'd gladly swap you.

Sharon: I wish I had the talent to write it all down, like you, Nick, or even Dexter. I'd bet it might amuse a few people.
Ki: Or irritate a certain class of others.

[[Both women now turn toward the reader, continuing their conversation but "bending" the forth wall.]]
Ki: [Blankly] Then again, releasing that publicly en masse might open you up to claims of copyright infringement.
Sharon: [Drolly] Oh, heaven forbid I do anything THAT stupid.

References: The prior creative exploits of Ki, Nick, and Dexter
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