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[[Nick continues his pre-mission briefing, still flanked by Fooker and Dexter.]]
Nick: We have a few good candidates to start with. I seriously doubt we'll strike gold on the first try, of course, but at least we'll get a chance to work out the kinks.

[[The "camera" pulls back. Nick, Fooker, and Dexter are still in the center of our field of view, but we are now viewing them over the audience's heads.]]
Nick: I want my hand-picked team to go on the first mission, then we'll start ramping up a rotating roster. Don't worry, everyone will get a chance to give it a go.

[[We pull further back, just outside the doorway in the back of the room. Nick appears to still be talking, gesturing in Dexter's direction as Dex waves to the audience. Just inside the doorway, a large African-American man turns to see a figure leaning against the door frame, just outside the door. It is Victor Brown, the dissenter who heckled Nick during his first "all-hands" meeting.]]
Man: [Whispering] Hey, Vic... what are you doing here? I thought you didn't buy any of this alternate universe stuff.
Brown: [Whispering] I don't...

[[He focus on Brown, who scowls into the room, presumably glaring at Nick.]]
Brown: [Whispering] I'm only here to keep tabs on what that joker is up to...

References: Victor Brown
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