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[[The meeting begins to break up. As the audience begins to mill about and talk amongst themselves, Patty and Trish rise from their seats. Fooker places a hand on Nick's shoulder.]]
Fooker: Way to inspire the troops, fearless leader.
Nick: [Deflating] Trust me, this "leader" is far from fearless.

[[As Patty approaches, Dexter interjects.]]
Dexter: Just to be clear, I AM on this "hand-picked team", right?
Nick: Yes, Dex. No one's going to boldly go anywhere without you.

[[Fooker's brother Justin joins the group. Patty folds her arms across her chest.]]
Patty: Speaking of which, I guess "Team Alpha" needs to start getting ready. Joy, oh, joy...
Nick: [Distracted, looking about] Has... anyone seen Ki...?

[[The scene shifts. We are now in a hallway elsewhere on the ship. A trio of signs are taped next to a door, written in different handwriting each, which read in succession, "Human Female Bath Room", "Fooker, Keep Out!", and "We mean it!" An African-American woman startles as the sound of retching and vomiting erupts from behind the door.]]

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