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[[The African-American woman from the previous strip enters the "Human Female Bath Room" to find Trudy leaning unsteadily against an open toilet stall. Trudy's queasy expression tells us she was the source of the retching heard in the previous strip.]]
Woman: Are... you all right?
Trudy: I'll let you know when the room stops spinning...

[[Trudy shakily makes her way to the sinks, grabbing onto whatever hand holds she can along the way.]]
Woman: You really don't look well. Have you seen Doctor Granger?
Trudy: Just started this morning. Barely got here in time.

[[Trudy reaches the sink, grasping it with both hands to keep her upright. Her back is to us as the woman approaches, trying to be helpful.]]
Woman: You're... Trudy, right? Look, I can find a Grey to come and take you there...
Trudy: No, I'll make it. Just need a minute...

[[Both women are startled by the sound of more vomiting coming from behind them, in the direction of the other stalls.]]

References: Doctor Granger: Wiki entry; Aboard the Grey ship: (1) (2) (3)
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