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[[Trudy and the African-American woman stand near the sinks in the "Human Female Bath Room" as, to both their surprise, Sharon uneasily emerges from a different stall.]]
Trudy: Sharon? I didn't know you were there...
Sharon: That's 'cause you couldn't hear ME vomiting over YOUR own vomiting.

[[Sharon approaches the other two women.]]
Woman: [Mildly suspicious] You're Sharon, right? You two are sisters? It's funny, both of you coming down with something at the same time...
Trudy: [Sarcastically] Ha ha, it is to laugh...

Woman: Look, if you're sick, you need to see the doctor. On a confined ship like this, we don't need a stomach virus epidemic.
Sharon: [Weakly] Just as soon as we get our acts together...

[[Before Sharon can finish her sentence, the explosive wet sounds of another vomiting fit erupts from a third stall. Sharon seems shocked, Trudy mildly surprised, and the third woman annoyed at the chain of events.]]

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