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[[Doctor Melanie Granger turns to her three patients, Ki, Sharon, and Trudy.]]
Granger: I have a rather personal question. Where are each of you in your menstrual cycles? When was your last period?

[[The three women look at each other in various stages of surprise.]]
Ki: I... don't remember...
Trudy: It's... been a while...
Sharon: Without a clear day/night cycle, it's hard to keep track...

Granger: Awhile back, I ran some blood tests during your physicals. I'm afraid SOMEONE mixed up the vials, and we've had several interruptions that prevented us from getting new samples.
[[In the background, Medical Drone #6022140, aka Avogadro, drops something, which shatters on the floor.]]
Avogadro: Oops...

[[Granger spreads her hands in a half-shrug, apologetic manner. She smiles awkwardly.]]
Granger: This "stomach bug" could be morning sickness. There's a good chance one, if not MORE, of you is pregnant.
[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy look at each other in surprise.]]

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