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[[Ki turns and scowls at Trudy, who scowls in return.]]
Ki: Who did you drug, bribe, or seduce?
Sharon: [Interrupting] Ki! Who says she wasn't dating someone... that she never told her sister about.

[[Doctor Melanie Granger holds up her hands and interrupts in an attempt to keep the peace.]]
Granger: Ladies, the only way to be sure is to run another test, which I'LL handle this time to make sure nothing gets bungled.

[[Grey Medical Drone #6022140, aka, Avogadro, interjects, drawing all of the women's attention.]]
Avogadro: Doctor, the equipment required for that test is currently undergoing maintenance. I'm afraid it will be a few hours before we can get the test results.

[[Granger turns back to the other three, smiles, and winks.]]
Granger: Then I guess I'll take the samples and get back to you. You may want to hold off surprising any prospective fathers until we all know for sure, however.

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