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[[An excited Sharon places a hand on Trudy's shoulder as a surprised Ki looks on.]]
Sharon: I want to know who my sister's been seeing on the sly! You found a guy and never even told me about him?

[[Trudy's expression turns from reluctant to pained.]]
Trudy: I... can't talk about this right now. I promised Nick and Ki I'd tell them first, and I guess that's become more urgent. If they're OK with it, then I'll tell you.

[[Ki's curiosity is piqued while Sharon's face falls.]]
Ki: Nick and I? Where do WE fit into this?
Sharon: You... you'll tell KI before you'll tell ME... your SISTER?

[[Trudy places a reassuring hand on Sharon's shoulder.]]
Trudy: It's not a sister thing, Sharon. I've poured enough salt into Ki's over the years. It's high time she gets the chance to return the favor.

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