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[[Trudy turns and begins walking away, toward the reader, wrapping her arms around herself defensively. Sharon and Ki watch her from the background, Sharon with a pained expression and Ki with one of mild surprise.]]
Trudy: Ki, find us a time when Nick isn't busy. Otherwise, call me when the doctor has the results.

[[Trudy walks through a rounded doorway into another room. Three Greys are busy at work reviewing a display panel. One Grey appears suspended from the ceiling, while another briefly looks up from his tablet to glance blankly at Trudy as she walks silently past.]]

[[Trudy approaches a porthole and gazes outside at the blackness of space beyond. Her reflection stares back at her. She appears contemplative and sad.]]

[[She turns away from the window and toward the reader, clutching her arms around herself even tighter. She grimaces as she begins to hold back a flood of tears.]]

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