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[[Still in the same relative positions from the previous strip, Sharon and Ki stand in the hallway that Trudy just left. A Grey wanders through the background, perusing a tablet and oblivious to the humans.]]
Sharon: [Sadly] I still don't understand why she can't tell me...
Ki: [Mildly surprised] Neither do I, but we have bigger problems to worry about now.

[[Sharon turns to Ki, raising an eyebrow at her statement.]]
Sharon : Bigger problems?
Ki: At least when it comes to searching for Earth. We're effectively down up to three volunteers.

Ki: Think about it: If you're pregnant, do YOU want to take your unborn child through the MUTEX to some alternate universe? We have no idea what that could do to a baby.

Sharon: [Perplexed] It... could end up with some sort of... space head, or something...?
Ki: [Blankly] I'm worried Nick and I will literally have kittens over this...

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