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[[Ki and Sharon continue to walk through the halls of the Grey ship, discussing the ramifications that one (or both) of them, as well as Trudy, might be pregnant.]]
Ki: Remember, the MUTEX adjusts our appearance to match the universe we're traveling to.
Sharon: Oh, that's right. I recall Nick's "groovy" superheroes.

Sharon: So if we go somewhere that turns us all into lizards, does the baby become a lizard too?
Ki: Who knows? It could turn into an egg for all I know.

Ki: There's no way to know if such a change will be temporary, or if it will permanently affect the baby. Rewriting the DNA of a child that's still forming can't be a good idea.

Ki: It's too big of a risk for one of us to be pregnant and start hopping dimensions. And if we can't go, that's a significant chunk of the search team out of commission.
[[The two women exchange a worried glance.]]

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