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[[Sharon and Ki continue their walk through the Grey ship's corridors, discussing the ramifications that one (or both) of them might be pregnant, as well as Trudy. A random Grey drone walks past, perusing a tablet.]]
Sharon: Having three search volunteers off the team couldn't have THAT big of an impact.
Ki: When there's only a handful of volunteers anyway? Absolutely.

Ki: I'm sure Nick could give you a statistical analysis and timeline extension projection, but it's not insignificant. He was counting on all of us being able to search.

[[The two are interrupted by Medical Drone #6022140, aka "Avogadro", who approaches them.]]
Avogadro: Please pardon the interruption. The test equipment returned from maintenance earlier than expected.

Avogadro: If we can allocate Mister Trudy, Doctor Granger would like to announce the results...
[[Ki and Sharon exchange glances.]]

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