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[[Ki, Sharon, and Trudy once again sit in Doctor Melanie Granger's office aboard the Grey ship. Granger gestures as she begins to explain.]]
Granger: First, I can officially announce that only ONE of you is pregnant. The other two are suffering from an unexpected case of motion sickness.

[[As Granger continues, we see Medical Drone #6022140, aka "Avogadro", doing something with a data tablet as a beaker, stylus, and an Erlenmeyer flask seem to hover in midair.]]
Granger: Avogadro was able to confirm that the Greys made some adjustments to the ship's artificial gravity recently. I guess the two not pregnant are more susceptible to that change.

[[Granger steps forward and places a small pill in Sharon's hand.]]
Granger: You'll adjust eventually, but until then I can give you something to settle your stomachs.
Sharon: [Looking down at the pill somewhat sadly] So... I'm NOT pregnant?

Granger: Nope, and neither is Trudy. You sisters are a lot alike. [She turns to Ki.] As for Ki... congratulations, Mom!
[[Both Ki and Sharon react with surprise. Meanwhile, in the foreground, Trudy looks down at the pill Granger placed in her hand. Her expression is a mix of emotions, none of which seem happy.]]

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