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[[Nick walks through a circular doorway, wiping his hands on a greasy rag. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, implying he's recently had them deep into the guts of some alien machinery. As he walks in, Ki turns to look toward him, her arms wrapped around herself.]]
Nick: Everything's set. We've got about an hour or two while the final diagnostics run. What's up?

[[Our viewing angle shifts in the opposite direction. We look over Nick's shoulder as Ki turns toward the opposite wall. There, Trudy sits in the sill of a oval-shaped view port, one leg drawn up with her knee to her chest while the other dangles toward the floor. Trudy's eyes are shut and her brows knitted in concentration. Beyond her, the black void of space looms outside the Grey ship.]]
Trudy: We both have news for you. Ki's is happier, so we'll save hers for last. Then maybe today won't be a complete atrocity.

[[We focus back on Nick and Ki. Ki watches her husband carefully as Nick's brows furrow.]]
Nick: Oh... it's time for THAT discussion. OK, let's get it out into the open. Better now than later, I guess. Clear the air, just in case things go south.

[[We turn back to Trudy, who looks at the other two with grim determination.]]
Trudy: You have a right to know. Both of you. At this point, I don't see how either of you could hate me more than you already do, but I've definitely got the reasons.

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