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[[Nick turns to Ki, gesturing for her to go first.]]
Nick: You want to respond to that one?
Ki: Oh, I'll defer to you. I just despise her. You're the one she's wronged the most.

[[They both turn back to Trudy, who continues to sit in the window with her eyes closed and brows knitted. Nick glowers at her as he continues.]]
Nick: Trudy, we don't HATE you. That said, you haven't made it easy to LIKE you. I don't think we need to list out every single reason why it's hard to trust you.

[[Trudy still does not look up, her head slightly bowed and her eyes remain closed.]]
Trudy: I do, every single night, ever since we came aboard this ship. I put myself to sleep counting everything I've done wrong to ALL of you. Then I have nightmares about them.

[[She finally looks up, cold determination on her face.]]
Trudy: I told you I've changed, but I won't blame you if you don't believe me. I'm going to change that, though. I'm going to tell you EVERYTHING. From this point forward, no more secrets.
[[Ki raises a cautious eyebrow, while Nick furrows his brow.]]

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