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[[Trudy turns away from Nick and Ki, wrapping her arms around herself defensively. She closes her eyes in concentration.]]
Trudy: I'm... screwed up. I have been since the beginning. A spoiled rich kid who had everything she wanted because my parents used money as a substitute for love.

[[We flash back to Trudy's childhood. Elementary-school-aged Trudy snatches a Michael Jackson "Thriller" album out of the hands of one boy while another classmate watches.]]
Trudy: The one thing they truly taught me was to look out for Number One. Everything--and everyONE--else came second. Everything I did had to come out with me on top.
Young Trudy: MINE!

[[We now see a succession of men whom Trudy has strung along in one manner or another: Trent (whom she once intended to marry), Butch Kilgore (Fooker's old high school bully), her former neighbor Chuck, and at least two more nameless, faceless silhouettes, implying that still more may scroll out of view.]]
Trudy: Romance, sex... those were only tools to acquire a net gain. Every relationship was a means to an end. Stringing some guy along was worth it if there was a payoff in the end.

[[We return to the present, where Trudy turns back to her small audience. Nick listens passively, while Ki cocks a eyebrow in mild surprise.]]
Trudy: All that changed the day I met both of you. I THOUGHT I had you figured out, that you were like everyone else. But I was wrong. You two changed everything.

References: Trudy's parents and childhood; Trudy's "tools": Trent, Butch Kilgore, Chuck
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