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[[Ki interrupts Trudy's "confession".]]
Ki: You DID change course, Trudy. From what Todd told me, when you refused to kill Nick, it fixed the time line. You undid everything your future self tried to engineer.

Trudy: [Eyes narrowing] What that time-traveling kid did was to get YOU and the others to force my hand early, before I was ready, before I was too far gone to stop myself from pulling that trigger.

[[Nick raises a finger of interjection. Trudy's expression softens as he provides his counterpoint.]]
Nick: It was still YOUR finger on that trigger, and YOUR hand that dropped the gun. It doesn't matter what a hypothetical future you might have done. YOU made the choice.

[[Trudy closes her eyes and furrows her brow.]]
Trudy: Perhaps, but that doesn't excuse everything I did up until that point. What I did to Fooker, to Dwayne, to Ki... to Chuck...
[[At the mention of the last name, Ki and Nick turn to each other.]]

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