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Ki: [Bowing her head sadly] I... I'd forgotten about Chuck...
Nick: [Grimly] I hadn't, but I was trying to patiently let you finish your confession first.

Trudy: [With a sad smile] Confession... yes, that's the right word. It fits in so many ways. So many sins, so much to confess... and Chuck's the one person I've wronged more than you...

[[Trudy continues, tightening her grip as she wraps her arms around herself. Nick and Ki watch her carefully, although Nick's back is to us so we can't see his face.]]
Trudy: Chuck was... a tool. A hammer. And when he stopped driving nails, I threw him out. I discarded him carelessly, senselessly, and didn't think twice about it.

Trudy: [Tears welling up in her eyes] He's never let me forget, though. Every night, I see his face. He haunts me, tearing at my conscience. He calls me "murderer", and nothing I say or do can make things right.
[[Ki looks up at Nick, dubious of Trudy's sincerity. Nick remains grim, not taking his eyes off Trudy.]]

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