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[[Trudy, arms crossed tightly over her chest and tears running down her downcast face, is continuing her private conversation with Nick and Ki on the Greys' ship.]]
Trudy: I have this recurring dream... Nightmare. It happens at least once each night, sometimes more, and it's happened every night since New York.

[[We see a series of figures' faces, lined up away from us, all with accusing expressions. We see (in order) Nick, Ki, Fooker, Todd, and Chuck.]]
Trudy: [off-panel] In it, a succession of those I've wronged haunt me, accusing me of my sins. Both of you, Fooker, that time travelling kid, Chuck...

[[We see a terrifying close-up of Empress Trudy, eyes glowing malevolently, staring directly at us. Her skin is shriveled and brown, resembling a mummy more than a living person.]]
Trudy: It always ends with HER, though... The future me, the Empress. She turns into this mummified monster and tells me my future is inescapable, that my fate is sealed...

[[Trudy clutches the front of Nick's coveralls and kneels in front of him, her face anguished and tears still running down her face. Ki watches wide-eyed from Nick's right.]]
Trudy: I... I can't become her! ANYTHING but her! I'll do ANYTHING! I'm not WORTH forgiving, but PLEASE! Help me NOT to be like her!

References: Trudy's nightmare; It's recurrence: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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