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[[Trudy remains on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably, as she continues to clutch at the front of Nick's jumpsuit. Nick and Ki exchange glances, their expressions a mixture of confusion, uncertainty, and pity.]]

[[Nick kneels, wrapping his arms around Trudy tentatively in a comforting manner.]]
Nick: I... I can see why you said you're ready for your "penance". We'll try to help you, Trudy, but don't forget this level of forgiveness isn't easy, and neither is trust.

[[Trudy regains some of her composure, although tears continue to stream down her cheeks. She buries her face into Nick's chest.]]
Trudy: I-I know. I w-wouldn't blame you if you s-still didn't believe me, no matter how sincere I am...
Nick: I DO believe you... NOW. Just be honest with your change, and I'll forgive you.

[[Trudy lifts her head to look Nick in the eye. She grins sheepishly and nervously.]]
Trudy: You... may want to let me finish first. I haven't gotten to the WORST part yet...
[[Nick's expression falls. Ki cocks a curious eyebrow.]]

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