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[[Trudy remains in the floor, now sitting up by herself and trying to wipe tears away with her hand. Nick continues to kneel beside her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Meanwhile, Ki sits in a chair nearby and behind them, her arms folded across her chest and watching carefully and quietly.]]
Trudy: I... I STILL love you, just so you know. I told Ki she'd won you fair and square, but that never made me STOP loving you.
Nick: Um... OK...

Trudy: [As fresh tears begin falling] I also told Ki that I'm... tempted around you. That dress at Lakatos? The kiss in the crate? I was stupid, wrong, and opportunistic... but I STILL wanted you more than anything.
[[Nick's expression is a mix of emotions. Ki sits up, cocking an eyebrow at Trudy's latest confession.]]

[[We close in on Trudy's face. She is still crying, but her expression hardens.]]
Trudy: Then "Nega-Nick" replaced you, pretending to have amnesia like I did. He manipulated me like I used to do to you. I saw through some of his lies, but was blind to others...

[[At this, Ki rises, shocked as she realizes what Trudy is hinting at.]]
Ki: You... didn't...
Trudy: [Turning to Ki] If those "Negaverse" folks are our genetic twins, then sister, I'm SO jealous of you...
Nick: [A bit slower on the uptake] Did... WHAT...?

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