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[[Nick sits back, somewhat confused. He cocks an eyebrow.]]
Nick: You... slept... with "Nega-Nick"?
[[Ki rises from her seat and approaches Trudy, who looks up at her like a wounded puppy.]]
Ki: NOW I see why Granger's news had you so upset... and why you didn't want to tell Sharon.

[[Nick's expression sours. Realization begins to dawn on him.]]
Nick: You... slept... with "Nega-Nick".
[[Trudy bows her head, tears still streaming from her eyes. She responds to Ki.]]
Trudy: I-I'm not excusing myself. I KNOW what I did was wrong. But he lied about YOU, saying you shut him out...

[[Nick clenches his fist and grinds his teeth.]]
Nick: You... SLEPT... with "Nega-Nick".
[[Trudy's tears flow even faster. She is on the verge of a total breakdown.]]
Trudy: H-he wanted revenge against the other me, so he s-seduced me...
[[Ki wraps her arms around Trudy in a huge bear hug.]]
Ki: Oh, Trudy, I'm so sorry...

[[Nick erupts like a volcano.]]
[[His outburst startles Trudy. Meanwhile, Ki continues to hug Trudy while looking sharply at her husband.]]
Ki: Care to say that a bit louder, so the rest of the ship can hear?

References: Trudy and "Nega-Nick"; Granger's news; "Nega-Nick" lies about Ki; "Nega-Nick's" revenge against "Alt-Trudy" (recall that Trudy saw his thoughts, so she learned of his motivations after the fact)
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