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[[Nick turns his back on Trudy and Ki, seething with anger. As he grinds his teeth, we peer over his shoulder. Trudy is still seated in the floor, her tears slowly drying. Ki kneels next to her, carefully watching her husband.]]
Trudy: I-I know you feel violated. You have every RIGHT to be angry, both with me and with him. He tricked me, but I thought he was you, so I'm just as guilty.

[[We focus on Ki and Trudy. Trudy bows her head and closes her eyes as she continues, while Ki places a hand on her shoulder.]]
Trudy: He thought I was the OTHER me, from HIS universe, so in some twisted way he wanted revenge against ALL of us. To ruin your marriage, to violate me...

[[Trudy's expression hardens.]]
Trudy: I screwed up. I broke my promise to Ki to leave you two be. I dishonored you by knowingly committing adultery. But HE injured all of us. We HAVE to stop him.

[[Trudy remains determined. We watch over both women's shoulders as, in the background, Nick visible shakes with rage.]]
Ki: [Prompting] Nick...?

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