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[[Still sitting in the floor, Trudy looks up at Nick, grimly determined and with drying tears on her cheeks. Nick stands above her, his face also a stony facade as his anger slowly subsides. Ki continues to kneel next to Trudy, watching the two carefully.]]
Trudy: When we were... intimate... something happened. It's hard to explain, but I'll try. This mostly comes from images I saw, thoughts that came from his mind...
[[At this, Ki's eyebrow shoots up in surprise, but Nick does not flinch.]]

[[Trudy continues to narrate, while we see a series of flashbacks to previous strips.]]
Trudy: [Narrating] In the hospital, he tried to replace you, but one of those slimy aliens took over his body and controlled him. He tried to resist, but it was too strong for him.
[[We see "Nega-Nick" wearing his "Bob Smith the janitor" uniform from "Oblivious". He has collapsed in the floor after his confrontation with Lieutenant Mark Stone in Nick's hospital room. He looks toward his left and toward the "camera" as a dinner tray lid tips upward on its own. In retrospect, we now know that the tray housed a hidden Physaric alien, meant originally for Nick, who would eventually take over "Nega-Nick's" body. "Nega-Nick" scowls, recognizing the alien from his encounters with their counterparts in the "Negaverse".]]

Trudy: [Narrating] Then an accident in your lab caused a power surge that "merged" the two of them. "Nega-Nick" regained physical control, but the alien remained cognizant.
[[We see a climactic moment from "Transposition", where "Nega-Nick" comes in contact with some equipment in Nick's lab. There is a powerful KAZAP, followed by "Nega-Nick" being thrown across the room and against the opposite wall.]]

Trudy: [Narrating] Somehow, the alien's ability to communicate via touch was transfered to him. He and I accidentally touched and could see each other's thoughts. We called this the "link".
[[We see another flashback to "Duets". "Nega-Nick", disguised as "our" Nick, sits opposite a cafeteria table from Trudy. They have just experienced the "link" for the first time. Both react with surprise, dropping the salt shaker that they were passing between them.]]

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