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[[Nick, Trudy, and Ki continue their discussion about "Nega-Nick" and the mysterious "link" between him and Trudy. Trudy begins to rise to her feet. Ki grabs her arm to assist her.]]
Trudy: I... don't know where he is. But I can sense him. He's far away, but moving and active. It's like feeling a breeze from across the room, only in my head.

Ki: [Cocking an eyebrow and looking to Nick] Some sort of telepathic artifact of their connection...?
Nick: [Contemplative] Maybe, but that's not my realm of expertise. Maybe the Greys or Socrates can figure this out.

Nick: [Sternly, turning toward Trudy] As for "NN", the only place he COULD be is aboard one of the Physaric ships. The Greys would detect him if he were here, and it's not like he has anywhere else to go.

Ki: He's going to have a rough time surviving there. Maybe they'll solve our problem for us...
Nick: [Grimly] If we're lucky. That said, I've never really believed in luck.

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