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[[Nick, Ki, and Trudy continue their discussion about "Nega-Nick" and the "link" between him and Trudy. Trudy looks grimly toward Nick, who shares her dark expression.]]
Trudy: Wherever he is, he's plotting something. I can't tell what; I can't read his thoughts at this distance. But I can sense emotion, and he's rather pleased with himself for some reason.

Trudy: [Scowling] Needless to say, when we do find him, I want to be first in line to wring his neck.
Ki: I think everyone else will happily let you two take turns.

Nick: [To Trudy] We'll debug that subroutine when we get to it. For now, we'll concentrate on finding Earth, and add exploring your new-found abilities as a side project.

Nick: If "NN" is still out there and he's up to something, you'll be our key to finding him... perhaps even beating him.
Trudy: [Smilingly darkly] Believe me, I'll be happy to oblige.

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