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[[Nick, Ki, and Trudy appear to be wrapping up their conversation. Nick remains grim, fresh off their discussion about "Nega-Nick", while Trudy appears exhausted.]]
Nick: Anything else?
Trudy: Thankfully, no. I'm emotionally exhausted. I don't think I could handle anything else.

Ki: [Pointedly, toward Trudy] You need to tell Sharon who you are eventually...
Trudy: [Sadly] I... know. But leave that to me. It's my responsibility, and I need to own up to it.

[[Trudy begins walking toward the door.]]
Trudy: [Over her shoulder] I'll leave you two alone for now, let you talk things over. Besides, Ki has something to tell you that's a lot more interesting.
[[At this, Nick cocks a curious eyebrow. Ki, however, blushes and smiles, knowing that Trudy is alluding to the fact that Ki is pregnant and Nick doesn't know about it yet.]]

[[The door opens. Nick catches Trudy before she exits the room.]]
Nick: Thank you, Trudy, for finally coming clean.
Trudy: [With a sad but grateful smile] Thank YOU for listening. I hope I can find a way to live up to your trust.

References: Sharon is ignorant of Trudy's real identity (1) (2); Ki's "more interesting" news
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