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[[In a double-sized panel, we see a overhead shot of a medium-sized room. The back wall is lined with strange electronics and machinery. Several Grey drones buzz about the equipment like bees busy about their hive. In the center, Nick stands, his arms spread wide in an all-encompassing gesture. He is flanked by Fooker on the left and Dexter on the right. Around the perimeter of the room are the volunteers for his search for Earth missions. Recognizable faces include Ki, Sharon, Trudy, Justin, and the backs of Patty's and Trish's heads. Several others in the audience are recognizable as other volunteers from previous strips.]]
Nick: Thanks, everyone, for attending our inaugural search mission. I wanted as many of you here as possible so you could get an idea how things would work before taking the plunge yourselves.

[[We close in on Nick as several Grey drones continue to busy themselves in the background.]]
Nick: Superficially, the MUTEX seems a bit like the old "holodeck" from "Star Trek". But it's important to remember that it's not virtual reality; this is another, real universe we're entering.

Nick: [Raising a finger to prove a point] Be careful interacting with another universe. We don't want to cause inadvertent, lasting damage.
[[Dexter leans down, raising a hand to block his face as he whispers to Nick.]]
Dexter: [Whispering] We've already gone over the "Prime Directive".

References: The missing Earth; The call for volunteers; Tutoring the volunteers (1) (2) (3); "Holodeck"
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